Reasons why your digital marketing strategy should focus on high quality content

Reasons why your digital marketing strategy should focus on high quality content

With more and more Australian businesses engaged in digital marketing nowadays, you can’t afford to let your efforts flag down anytime soon. While user experience is essential, it’s what’s inside your website that determines the returns for your brand. Content is king, and thus, you need to focus your digital marketing efforts on the production of high-quality content. The reasons?

1. It will improve customer retention rates

Whether it’s a blog, video, or an email newsletter, the quality and relevance matters. Keeping your current customers satisfied and loyal to your brand is much affordable and practical than exhausting yourself out from reaching the farthest corners of the Australian outback to look for new leads. With high-quality content, not only do you retain your followers and customers’ loyalty to your brand but also build a reputation that would make more potential customers flock to you. Hence, by investing time, effort, and money in producing high-quality content, you can kill two birds with one stone by gaining improved customer retention rates and enhanced traffic as well. 

2. It will help Google to prioritise you

Search engines such as Google continuously update their crawlers and algorithms so that search engine users receive the most relevant, useful, and accurate search results. Some unscrupulous digital marketers only pad their content with keywords and metadata, without considering its overall accuracy, even sensibility. Others resort to misleading labels and images. These methods, although shocking and questionable, are useful in generating interest and attention in the short term. 

Google would eventually catch on to these marketers. Whereas sensationalist and second-class padded content would eventually rank at the far reaches of Google, those content that proves to be original, reliable, and outstanding would remain visible on search engine results for a longer time. This way, you ensure a steady stream of traffic to your site by focusing on creating high-quality content.

3. It will help you to stand out from the rest

The internet is buzzing with activity, as much as 1,400 blog posts and 72 hours of YouTube videos made every minute. The only way to can stand out from this deluge of content is to craft materials that are unique, original, and high-quality. Blog posts and videos with even a fraction of quality form a minuscule amount from all that exists out there, yet it is these elite, high-class content that gains trust currency and sustains large amounts of traffic over time.


Where and how to start your high-quality content

Because of the reasons mentioned previously, you need to strategise your content development in the broader context of your digital marketing aims. However, standing out is already a daunting task in itself. If you don’t know where to start, begin by defining and studying your audience.

1. Study your audience

If you know what tickles your audience’s brains and hearts well, it should be easy for you to start somewhere. Otherwise, you don’t have an audience in the first place, other than the “general public.” Such an approach won’t work in digital marketing. Research your target audience’s behaviour, aspirations, desires, biases, and needs. From this data, you can identify what kinds of content you could and should produce.

2. Think of topics where you can demonstrate your knowledge

After you have understood your target audience, it’s time to start churning up topics for you to write or make a video. Consider your line of business and what topics related to your business would your target audiences find useful and exciting. Produce content on these topics to impart knowledge to your audience. In doing so, you shore up your reputation as a thought leader in your industry.

3. Hire a Professional

You may be a brilliant business owner, but you might have no idea how to write well or to edit a video. You might also have no more time to learn and do writing or video production. If you are in such a situation, you should consider hiring a professional digital marketer based in Brisbane to achieve your sales goals through high-quality content.


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