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Digital Bravado's expert team have been managing large and small scale advertising campaigns across Google Search - Adwords with amazing results in most cases we can achieve reduced spend on this channel with increased number of leads.
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What is an Adwords campaign?
Adwords is also referred to Pay Per Click (PPC) and is one of the primary sources for businesses around Australia’s to assertain new business enquiry.

Digital Bravado have managed, developed and designed Adowrds campagins for clients from small budgets over under $1000 per month to spends in excess of $60,000 Per Month.

Our Signature Process

Digital Bravado’s Signature Process in implementing and delivering a highly effective SEO strategy incorporates several key aspects in improving your organic Google Search Index Rankings.

This simple yet highly effective 6 step approach in implementing strategic SEO Plans is designed to attain continious and long terms gains for our clients.

Our Signature Process

Market Research
Understanding the best inccoming leads for your business is paramount in delivering an effective marketing campagin via Adwords, Digital Bravado will also develop a synopisis on the competitivness of your market in the Adwords advertising channel to determine the best ways to invest your money.
Landing Pages
It is imperitive to the suces of your Adwords Campagins to havfe relevant and effective landing pages, if the customer is being directed to a page whcih has slow load times, no direct contact options and limited to information aboutt the product or service, you will be limiting your opportunity to convert them to a lead. Digital Bravado will asisit in this.
Advertisment Content
Having a well crafted advertisment which A) Entices the potential customer to enquire and B) Has a good Quality Score on the Google Ad ratings leads to far better outcomes in terms of generating new business leads and a better Rturn on Investment.
Reporting and Tracking
Paying for Clicks via the Google platform can be daunting and without sucess, unless the correct visibility over results is provided, Digital Bravado implement measures to track genuine email equiry and phone calls from your advertising campaigns, to better understand which aspects of your Adwords campagins are performing and providing the best leads and enquiry.
Continous Improvement
In terms of building an Adwords or SEM campagin, developing the campagin with a set and forget mentality will never push thge limits of your spend. Making updates, changes and improvements will push the boundries of your advertising budget, we work exceptionally hard to attain the absolute peak performance and keep you there.

A Leader In The Industry

Digital Bravado’s team are experts in developing a creating effective Adwords (PPC) and digital marketing campaigns to deliver the best outcomes for advertisers.

Some of the outcomes we can deliver:

  • Improved Conversion Rates.
  • Reduction in Advertising Costs.
  • Better Feedback on Advertising Performance.  
  • Implementing new startegies to open up new customers. 

SEM - Digital Bravado

Digital Bravado uses proven methods to create a highly sucessful advertising campagin via Adwords – SEM. We incorporate conversion data, website page engagement and click through rates to structure your advertising to achieve peak performance.

We have delivered sucessful results for Start Up’s, Industry Leaders and businesses in highly competitive Digital environments.

Success Measured in Performance

Measuring the success or our campagins is vital in the justification of the work we do, it also provides us the ability to constantly improve and increase results through this process.

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SEM Pricing for a Google Adwords campaign is based off percentage of monthly spend. Digital Bravado are different, we develop a flat rate price which for managing your advertising account. The rationale is to incentivise us to reduce your spend where possible to deliver the best results for your advertising spend without us as an agency, encouraging you to spend more to improve our own botttom line.

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