Digital Bravado’s Team have expert experience in developing highly targeted Social Media campagins and delivering content in tactical and engaging environments.

Social Media – How to harness it as a Marketing Channel

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest are all vital elements in developing a digital marketing strategy.

Each channel requires a unique approach. Facebook is one of the best platforms to deliver integrated and tactical content marketing, where Instagram is a far better channel to develop brand affinty and association.

It takes the right strategies to be successful across Social Media, Digital Bravado can harness its power.

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Our Signature Process

Digital Bravado’s Signature Process in implementing and delivering a highly effective Social Media Marketing campaign incorporates set.

This simple yet highly effective 6 step approach in implementing strategic SEO Plans is designed to attain continious and long terms gains for our clients.

6 step approach

Digital Bravado work with clients to define and identify clear objectives and outcomes from a Social Media Marketing campaign. This provides us with a plan to deliver desired outcomes that best fit the goals. It will also provide accountability measures to ensure the campaign is on point with what we set out to gain from the ivestment.

Once we have identified a clear set of objectives, Digital Bravado can advise on the best Social Media channels to deliver the campaign across. We will build out a roadmap that will highlight milestones and benchmarks, this can be a variety of measures dependant on the key objectives of the Social Media Marketing strategy.

Content is core to any successful Social Media Marketing strategy; developing content that stacks up with the primiary objectives of the Social Media Marketing Startegy.

This incorporates crafting content that is delivered in a manner that entices the audience to engage and presenting the content in a manner which is palatable for Social Media.

Scheduling is exteremly important to have sepcific content ready to launch to fall in line with a set campagin your business is delivering.


Knowing where to place your advertising across Social Media channels can be challenging to ensure the best results are achieved. Our team of Social Media experts at Digital Bravado will ensure that the right types of ad placements and creatives are delivered to ensure the best results from your spend.

Digital Bravado will provide reporting on key aspects of your Social Media Marketing campagin to better optimise the performance and achieve set goals outlined in the objectives.

Our team can educate you on the best ways to engage with enquiry via Social Media and ensure you can maintain a professional yet relaxed approach that Social Media channels demand.

Brand Affinity

Digital Bravados experienced Social Media team go above and beyond to achieve results for your business.

A successful campaign implemented by Digital Bravado can deliver outcomes, such as:

Digital Bravado brand-affinity-Social-media-marketing-Digital-bravado-bn-
Digital Bravado How-to-harness-it-as-a-Marketing-Channel-Social-media-marketing-Digital-bravado-

Social Media can be one of the most effective channels to build brand awareness, attract new customers and achieve improved Google Index Rankings.

Digital Bravados Team work to implement proven Social Media Marketing strategies that are unique for your business.

We have delivered successful results for start up’s, industry leaders and businesses in highly competitive Digital environments.

Success through Strategy

Client Case Study

Measuring the success of our campaigns is vital in the justification of the work we do. It also provides us the ability to constantly improve and increase results through this process.


Social Media Marketing requires a unique approach dependant on the goals of the campaign, how your brand fits within the social media environment and actively targeting the right demographics to ensure you are seeing positive return on investment.

We will tailor a pricing plan that will match your primary objectives.

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