3 Modern Digital Marketing Tips For Local Businesses in Brisbane – What to Know

3 Modern Digital Marketing Tips For Local Businesses in Brisbane - What to Know

With the rise of digital technology, the ways audiences consume content have changed drastically. As you may know, TV networks and cable TV are suffering greatly as a result, so businesses have to find a way to adapt to this shift in trends. 

Gone are the days when people just huddle in front of a TV screen on Saturday night, waiting for their favourite show to come on. Now, they put on Netflix and watch what they want while posting on Instagram and Twitter. 

If you’re looking to stay ahead of the competition in this day and age, you have to understand how people behave and what you can do to keep up with the times. That said, here are three new behaviours that brands need to build their marketing strategy around:


Know Your Audience’s Behaviours

These days, when people watch TV, they’ll almost always have a mobile device with them at all times, such as a smartphone or a tablet. They’re always eager to know what’s going on in the world, and they need such gadgets so they can keep abreast of news and current events. As a company, you have to adjust to this trend by making sure that your brand is present on either screen. 

Your ads should be visible whenever you expect your target audience to be watching those screens so that you can get the most ROI from your ad budget. For example, if you’re a toy brand, you may want to launch your ad on Saturday morning, as that’s when they will most likely be with their kids or thinking about them the most. 

This will help your ads have a more lasting impact on the parents’ minds, which will help to increase the return on your investment.


Prioritise Brand Engagement & Conversion

One thing that sets this era of digital marketing apart from how it was done in the past is how engagement is done. Back in the day, all you needed to do was make sure your ads are visible to your target audience. 

However, with the engagement tools we have today, you have to do more than just make your ads appear on their screens. You have to make sure your audience takes the desired action from your ad, whether it’s conversion, sales, or leaving behind leads. Therefore, your ads should have a clear call-to-action to make sure that they generate as much revenue as you want them to.


Keep Everything In Real Time

Another thing that has drastically changed the way marketing is done is the speed at which information is transferred. In the past, when people saw an ad for an item, they have to keep it in mind for a long time before they can actually purchase it. 

These days, they can shop online using a laptop or smartphone and have the items delivered right to their door. Therefore, if you’re looking to stay at the top of the heap in the digital age, you have to make sure that your audience is always updated on the latest news and promotions. 

This way, people will always know what they can expect from your brand. They will also know what they need to do to make the most of their money.

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