Launching a new digital marketing campaign can be challenging. There are several things that you have to keep in mind, including reaching your objectives, making sure that everyone involving is on the same page, and adjusting your marketing strategy as needed, among other things. Email is one of the most essential tools that you can use when it comes to effective digital marketing campaigns. To succeed in your campaign, you have to make sure that your email strategy is as solid as possible. Here are five things that you must keep in mind before you launch your next digital marketing campaign: 

1. Ensure Consistency

One of the most crucial things that you must do is to standardize the design of your content. This is so that the design will be consistent across channels. Whether people are viewing on their mobile phones or laptops, you need to ensure that they get the same experience. Therefore, think about all the channels that you want your campaign to be on before you bring your designers in. This way, you will be sure that you have the correct designs for each one.

2. Create Strong Messages

Before you publish or even create your content, you should write down the main message that you’re attempting to deliver. After that, make some bullet points for other messages that you want to convey, then rank them in terms of significance. Now, you will have a variety of messages that you can use based on the audience of each platform you’ll be putting your content on.

3. Tease a Story

One thing that you can do with your email is to use it as an introduction to the full story of your content. You can include a snippet from your digital campaign messaging in your email. For this, you will want to use a message that will pique your customers’ interest and make them want to know more. This will encourage your customers to click through before they are directed to your primary content.

4. Provide a Full Story

Alternatively, you can provide your customers with full context or most of it in one email. There are many users who just want to see the full story when they open up an email. Instead of having them clicking through a bunch of action items just to get to their desired page, you can just give it all away in a single email. First off, outline your digital marketing story, including the background, the problem, the solution, and other important aspects. Then, cut that down into a few paragraphs by including only the main points. Be careful not to go overboard and paste a five-thousand-word essay in a single email. No one has the time to read that. Also, don’t forget to keep your users interested after they click through your CTA by providing them with the same context, but in a different perspective.

5. Offer Interactive Content

To be more creative and different than an average text-filled email, you can incorporate the use of unique content such as videos, games, polls, or even GIFs. This will, of course, depend on your content marketing strategy as well as your brand’s identity. By using these interactive content, your click-through rates can surge up significantly. Try to keep in mind the personality that your brand or campaign wants to give off, and choose your interactive content accordingly. You should do some brainstorming with your team to come up with as many pieces as possible before narrowing your options down to the best one.

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