With the advances and development of new marketing tools and services, there has never been a better time for small businesses to communicate with existing and potential customers. Whether it is through blogging, article posting, or social media interactions, it is necessary for growing businesses to maintain a relationship with their audience and motivate them to try the product or service. To be successful at creating strong and inspiring content, you need to generate excitement and publish quality posts that your target audience will actually want to read. Your customers are smart, and if you are explicitly trying to sell them something during an article, you may drive them away. There is also another reason for creating good content; it has the potential to go viral. This can significantly increase your brand’s exposure and potentially grow your sales by quite a bit.

Here are six tips for good, ongoing content development:

1 – Make Your Posts Meaningful

Good content is relevant and relatable to your audience. Instead of making generic posts about your latest product or promotion, write a post that is meaningful and connected to something that your audience is interested in. Perhaps you live in a city, and the football team is playing a rival. Post messages of support and encouragement to get the locals fans to like and share it. If you do research on what your fans want, you can also customize content to meet these interests. Post a variety of content that you think is important to them and track the responses. Slowly, you will be able to get a picture of what your audience is responsive to, and you can gradually adjust your posts to meet their preferences.

2 – Get Your Audience To Rally Behind an Idea

A great way to get responsive reactions from your audience is to create content that they can support and encourage other people to also rally behind. If you have a restaurant business, why not post couple-friendly content such as romantic dinner recipes? If you sell holiday packages, try writing an article recommending ideal family holiday destinations or a road trip guide with your friends. These sorts of content encourage discussions about your topic and more importantly, your business. As people become excited by the post and get responses from their friends or family, you could end up gaining new customers quite easily. Just remember to subtly include the marketing message at the end of your post or article.

3 – Make Seasonal and Holiday-Related Posts

Wishing everybody a “Merry Christmas” can go a long way in maintaining a good relationship with your audience. Firstly, it gives your business a personality and lets your customers know that your posts aren’t made by some emotionless machine. More importantly, it shows that you care about your audience. This can persuade them to use your business again as you are not a corporate giant that see their customers as a source of profit.

Plan your holiday posts. Make a note of all the important holidays that your audience celebrates and put it in your content calendar. Write articles that are relevant to the holiday such as gift ideas or activities to do and post them during the celebrations. Also, consider offering gifts or discounts during times like Christmas or Black Friday as these are periods that people are more willing to spend money. Just ensure you post these early enough to allow the message to circulate properly.


4 – Get in and Act on Feedback

An excellent way of getting your customers involved with the business is to ask them for suggestions and feedback. Multiple online services allow you to create questionnaires. Even Facebook has a polling tool! When you send out requests for feedback, you are more likely to get responses compared to general advertising content. Consider the responses your customers provide you and make changes based on them. Perhaps they want a new range of products or different designs and variety. Let them know about your plan of action in response to the feedback via social media posts. Feedback allows your brand to evolve and create both new products and content to meet your audience needs. This will help them remain loyal to your company.

5 – Keep People Updated

Perhaps you’ve just been to a massive sales event or had a celebrity visit the shop. Post about these significant events to let your customers know you are still in business and doing well. Update changes in your opening times and location to help customers find your company with ease. These tiny details help you maintain a good relationship with your audience.

6 – Do Targeted Marketing

Now that your content is good and you are getting a lot of visitors on your page, it’s time to promote your business. The aim of creating continuous content is to help your business grow, but this won’t happen unless your audience knows what you are selling. Recommend products from your company that is relevant to the article you’ve posted. Do special promotions during particular times of the year and create special posts to target a specific market group. Targeted marketing will help you build better connections with your target demographic. You may even earn yourself a good number of loyal customers who will keep coming back!

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