Is a Website a Tax Deductible Cost? The short answer, Yes 100%

A website is a must have, for businesses in the modern digital age, it’s common knowledge that businesses that fail to embrace digital concepts and marketing channels will find it very challenging attaining new sales leads and clientele.

There are some vital aspects to consider when looking at developing a website for your business, beyond simply having a couple of pages of content and your logo. The primary features to consider are:

  • It is user friendly and accurately represents the business and its core values.
  • Designed in a professional and and clean layout which is optimised for all devices Desktop, Mobile and Tablet.
  • Loads quickly and efficiently on all devices –  Google’s Optimisation Benchmark is 2 Seconds
  • Optimised to Rank for specific Searches you want to rank on Search Engines for – For Example, you own Gym in Hawthorne, you want to ensure that if someone searches “Gyms in Hawthorne” you’re appearing in that search.
  • The website has been designed using practices green lighted by Google and other search engines, you do not want to invest time and money into your site and have it black banned by Google and other search engines because the developer has used practices outside of the Search Engines terms of service.

For a developer to provide all of the above is not common place, there are many web developer out there offering a website starting at $500, realistically its cheap for a reason, it does not achieve any cut through on search engines. is poorly designed – normally using a out of the box template and you have limited to no influence on the design process.

Digital Bravado being a full service agency will provide a dedicated account manager who will work on a custom brief that is aimed at achieving the your primary design goals, incorporating aspects of current trends and user friendly concepts, eg live chat services etc.

We build and design on WordPress, the largest and most commonly used web development platform in the world.

We incorporate SEO aspects into the initial design to help develop a keyword ranking plan for your website to ensure you are set up for long terms success across search engines from the very beginning.

Our services are tailored and bespoke to each and every client, and for this level of Web Development and Digital Agency planning we offer very reasonable pricing options starting $5,500 Inc GST, with 12 Months Hosting and 100 Local Website Mentions and Citations throughout Australia’s most well know directories and social channels.

So, coming back to the original aspects of this article is a website Tax Deductible? It is 100%, we work closely with one of Australia’s best know Tax Accountancy Firms and to quote, verbatim:

“Website development costs are capital in nature and usually get depreciated across few years, but qualifying as a small business gives you the tax break of the 20K instant asset write off rule or if over 20K the ability to have it in the small business pool which offers accelerated depreciation rates over the general depreciation rates that you would normally pool them in”
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