In this day and age, a company website is just as important – or even more important – as an office or a telephone number. Studies have shown that over 60% of customers find it necessary for companies to release online content regarding their brands.


Just in case you’re still on the edge about integrating a website into your brand, take a look at these ten reasons that will convince you to take that step.


 #1 Around-the-Clock Online Presence

The people that make up your market don’t have the same schedule. By having a website, you can be available to your customers at anytime, at any location in the world (with an internet connection, of course). Even in their homes nestled on the sofa, customers and prospective customers are able to look up whatever they need. Even after-hours, an online presence keeps obtaining new customers. Additionally, if you don’t have a website, you could be losing sales to competitors who do.


 #2 Swap Information

A website uncomplicates communication between the purchaser and the merchant. Websites usually contain necessary information regarding your business: store hours, contact information, product details, and a section to ask questions or give suggestions to the brand. Some companies even publish videos. This type of content is able to catch the eye of more people and convince them to try your product. Websites are a great way to develop a customer base and advertise the other media channels that the company uses.


 #3 Trustworthiness

Nowadays, people often assume that a professional business will have some sort of online presence. A company without a phone number or a registered physical address would be viewed suspiciously, right? The same is true for a website. The online world allows you to unlock a different way to convey information about your brand to the world. Furthermore, an excellent website helps a customer to feel more at-ease when they are communicating with or purchasing from your brand.


#4 Reduces Expenses

In addition to information sharing, a website is able to act as a tool for selling. Some businesses today even forgo the physical location entirely, instead choosing to sell their products online. A physical presence comes with a lot of costs: labor, rent, utilities, and others. Choosing to move more of the sales process online can help you to reduce these expenses. With less costs, you can charge lower prices for your products, using the cost leadership method of gaining competitive advantage. In addition, your business is able to use the website for internal communication. Whether you need to communicate with employees or access information for decision-making, a website can aid the process.

#5 Expand Your Reach

Online, your website can be visible by anyone, anywhere with an internet connection. This gives you a major advantage over only having a physical presence – you are no longer limited by your geographical location. Since a lot of different people from a lot of different places can now access your company’s information, they are all prospective customers.


#6 Metrics for Growth

With a website, you are able to gather data over a variety of different areas. You can figure out who your customers are, the way that they found your company, how they purchase items, and what they like. With the information gleaned, you are able to modify your strategy to best fit the market you are trying to target through your site. You can gain a heightened understanding of how the different media that your company uses impacts your brand and use the knowledge as an opportunity for growth.


#7 Advertising

Since most of your customers are probably online, digital marketing tools like Facebook advertising or Google AdWords allow you to better reach customers than conventional offline marketing would. Additionally, you are able to monitor the effectiveness. Through methods such as online advertising and SEO, your company will enjoy greater levels of engagement on your website. By catching their eye from the first page of search results, you can grab customers before your competitors can.


#8 Your Competitors Already Have

There is a pretty high chance that your brand rivals already have an online presence. You may be losing a lot of customers who have recognized your competitors first. Prevent these missed opportunities by getting a website!


#9 Better Customer Service

Websites improve the customer service process. There are always questions that it seems like everyone asks. With a website, you could put the answers to these questions in a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Not only will it save you time to personally answer the questions, but it will save labor hours, and therefore costs, too. Customers also win because they get a faster reply. Having their problems solved and their questions answered more rapidly will increase their satisfaction, enhancing their perception of the brand.


#10 Opportunities for Expansion

A website is a way to showcase your brand and what it stands for. When trying to drum up some additional funding, you can use your website as a tool to show prospective investors what you do, what you have done, and what you plan to.