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Family Law Experts in Springfield

Separation can be one of the most difficult things for a family, we get that and we are here to help in this difficult time. 

Springfield Legal Service expert team specialise in Family Law disputes, we have an experienced and professional team on hand to support you in all aspects of the separation. 

We have settled hundreds of cases for families and will leverage our legal skills and expertise to ensure you and your family have the best possible outcome. 

We aim to protect the right of you and your children and look for the most cost effective solution to ensure you and your family can resolve any issues in a quick and amicable manner.

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Divorce is the legal ending of a marriage it does not include the division of property and assets or parenting arrangements.

Digital Bravado Parenting-Arrangements

Parenting Arrangements

When a separation includes children under the Family Law act of 1975, there are aspects of what the court takes into consideration when determining what is in the children’s best interest in a parenting dispute.

Digital Bravado Financial-Agreements

Financial Agreements

A BFA or Binding Financial Agreement is one effective manner to allow a couple to settle financial disputes at the end of a relationship.

Digital Bravado Child-Support

Child Support

The Law in Australia stipulates that both parents have a financial obligation to their children up to they are 18 years old.

Digital Bravado Domestic-Violence-and-Protection-Orders

Domestic Violence and Protection Orders

During a separation emotions can be at a high, it’s best to resolve all disputes amicably and in the best interests of all involved.

Digital Bravado Mediation-and-Alternative-Dispute-Resolutions

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolutions

A mediation can on occasion be the best option for a separating couple.

Digital Bravado DeFacto-Relationships

DeFacto Relationships

DeFacto Relationships have very similar legal standings as a matrimonial relationship.

Digital Bravado Court-Representation

Court Representation

Court Representation is very important if you are going to trial, our team will be right there with you if it comes to that.

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Our many years of experience and commitment to excellence have ensured that our clients return to us for further legal service.

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We have been in Springfield since January 1999 and Peter Walsh has been a solicitor in Ipswich since 1979.

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