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Driving Offences

Save Your License

We help honest people get back on track with the lightest possible penalty possible. We regularly achieve no conviction recorded.

It is not unusual for honest and ethical members of the community to be pulled over by the police, only to find that they have been driving on a suspended or expired licence, even though they were never notified of the suspension, and never received any licence renewal paperwork.

This happens all the time to good people just like you. 

Honest people can also get the dates of their existing Court Ordered Disqualification periods mixed up, only to find themselves charged with Disqualified Driving, when they legitimately thought they were permitted to drive.

We help hardworking people just like you everyday.

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How we Help You

We prepare our submissions to the court by asking you a number of key questions about who you are, what you do, your family life, your contributions to the community, and about the circumstances under which you made your mistake.

We then combine this information with our legal expertise to present a case to the court which in most instances results in the lightest penalty possible.

Further, we never step foot into the court room unless we are armed to the teeth with the relevant case law and precedents.

Queensland’s Traffic Offence Experts

Springfield Legal Service have a wealth of experience in representing the rights of Queensland motorists. Practising in nothing but Traffic Law, we save the driver’s licences of people just like you, every day.

Proven Results

As a result of our high standard of legal representation, our clients leave the court time and time again with the best possible outcome.

We consistently achieve for our clients a lower disqualification period, a lower fine, and no Conviction Recorded.

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Phone: (07) 3288 3511


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Our Point of Difference
Our many years of experience and commitment to excellence have ensured that our clients return to us for further legal service.

Locally based boutique firm serving the community. You receive the quality and service you expect from legal experts. We make it our responsibility to know you and your legal rights.


About Us
We have been in Springfield since January 1999 and Peter Walsh has been a solicitor in Ipswich since 1979.

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