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Digital Bravado's Team have expert skills in developing and growing business's organic rankings across Google and other Search Engines.
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How to appear on the Google Ranking Index

Google has fast become the leader in driving business leads for customers throughout Australia, having such a  vital role retaining a healthy stream of new customers, it’s imperative to rank on the Google Search Index.

Our Signature Process

Digital Bravado’s Signature Process in implementing and delivering a highly effective SEO strategy incorporates several key aspects in improving your organic Google Search Index Rankings.

This simple yet highly effective 6 step approach in implementing strategic SEO Plans is designed to attain continuous and long term gains for our clients.

Market Research

The first step in developing a solid SEO Strategy is Market Research. This helps to understand the competitiveness of your Digital Environment, as well as which will be the best Search Terms and Keywords to target and rank for.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the practice whereby we analyse your existing website to determine improvements which will increase your website performance. This can incorporate elements such as mobile friendly pages, website load times and a variety of other aspects.


Content is core to any successful SEO strategy. Digital Bravado can develop content with the goal of providing relevant and informative information for your customers and optimising web browsers. We collaborate with you for the knowledge of your businesses industry while using our SEO tactics to ensure content is structured in an effective way to leverage search terms you are aiming to rank for and linking elements, to ensure effective Google Search Index ranks. 

Links and Promotions

Website Links and Promotions are designed to improve your website’s ability to be found through various avenues which can include Directories, External News, Blog Content, Online Reviews and Other Relevant Links.

Social Media

Social Media is a primary factor in the search ranking index, sharing informative content for your industry across Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin can help position you as a leader in your field while improve Google Index Rankings by tapping into a new audience to promote your business and brand.

Engagement and Conversions

By way of analysis, we can determine the effectiveness of other website sources and the types of audiences engaged including their likleyhood to convert into a customer. This allows Digital Bravado the capacity to target and increase ranking in the search index for the most relevant of search terms for your business.

A Leader In The Industry

Digital Bravado are one of the leading Digital Marketing Agencies in Australia. We have developed a proven and effective strategy for SEO which has seen a number of our clients enjoy the following:


  • Increased Market Share
  • Improved Google Index Rankings
  • Increased Sales Leads and Quality of Leads  
  • Reduction in Marketing and Advertising Costs

Making an Impact!

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation can be a complex environment to manage, especially if you are focussed on operational aspects of your business.

Digital Bravados’ Team work to implement proven SEO strategies which are inline with Google’s guidelines.

We have delivered successful results for start up’s, industry leaders and businesses in highly competitive digital environments.

Success Measured in Performance

Measuring the success of our campaigns is vital in the justification of the work we do. It also provides us the ability to constantly improve and increase results through this process.


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The Right Choice

Allow us to build and strengthen your online voice while you focus on doing what you do best. 


There is no off the shelf pricing structure for an SEO Strategy, each and every business will have different goals, in terms of aiming to appear in just one market to a national scope or obtaining cut through in a highly competitive digital environment. Speak with one of our Digital Media Strategists to build out a plan which is best for you and your business.

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