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Project Scope

Premiertint’s website was developed in 2004 with outdated templates and hadn’t received proper maintenance in years. Digital Bravado was brought in to give the original website a refresh. Images, content and layout needed to be updated for greater user experience and aesthetics. 

Our website is hard to navigate and looks terrible. We want our customers to be able to go there to view photos of our projects and see what we are capable of.

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In a meeting with General Manager Emma, the goals and objectives were established to completely understand the new functionality needs. The old site required a restructure of pages and navigation for site visitors and sales reps. 

An overhaul of content, images, layouts, branding and call to actions were needed to encompass the work Premiertint completes daily. 


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Digital Bravado was able to implement a new refreshed website with greater functionality and visibility of photos. 

The new layout features image carousels to display more images easily. Layouts for the services and project pages allowed for greater use of imagery and easier navigation. 


New services and functions were introduced to address areas where information was vague or lacking. User experience was redefined and fine tuned for a greater website experience. Premier Tint is now confident in directing potential customers to their website for a greater customer experience.


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