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Premier Tint specialise in a wide range of adhesive films for tinting, signage and more. 

Window Tinting

Glass Frosting

Safety and Security Film


Anti Grafitti

Group 4 Designs


Competitive  Prices

Our range of products caters for all budghet types and can match your set needs. 


Simple Process

Trading for over 30 years in Sydney our hassle free process makes for a relaxed experince. 


Quality Brands

We only use the most well respected brands. All of which are warranty backed. 


Expert Team

Our expert installers and sales staff are able to provide expert advice and premium installation. 

Featured recent projects and works. 

Premeier Tint is known for providing high level project managment expertise and skills. Check out some of the recent projects we have completed. 

Major Project 1

Major Project 2

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Contact out team today, we can answert any of your questions or arrange a free measure and quote for your home or project. 

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