Casper Cloaking

24/7 protection from Germs

and Bacteria to keep your 

staff and clients safe.


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Premier Tint specialise in a wide range of adhesive films for tinting, signage and more. 

Cloaking Film

Use the latest in digital security technology to obscure sensitive information from eyesight. Applied to the inner surface of a glass fixture in an office or meeting room, Casper Cloaking film blocks the view of LED screens from outside. The optically clear film allows the ability to maintain open office plans whilst ensuring the security of company information

Where can the Film be Installed

  • Terminals and touch screens
  • Handles
  • Access ramps
  • Reception desks
  • Public transport
  • Medical facilities
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Schools
  • Displays cabinets

Our Trusted Brands

Added security

Casper Cloaking films ability to scramble LED screens from within a meeting room, allows for an open plan office without compromising security. Ensure only those within the room can view sensitive information.

Architectural finish

The clear film with potential for digital prints allows Casper film to be transformed into a glass design with the added benefit of security.

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