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Premier Film Distribution provides commercial films to window tinting businesses. These rolls of film are sold at a wholesale price directly to business. Digital Bravado was approached to create a fully functioning eCommerce store to house 1000+ products.

We want to start selling our products online where our customers can create accounts.

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Once the design brief was discussed, the website build consisted of 1000+ products with collation of information from various sources. Consumers can also sign into their account onsite for full order tracking and account details.


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On top of the full website build, Digital Bravado wrote content for greater SEO. This was closely managed to receive #1 ranking for more than 10 of their most valuable keywords resulting in online sales of 10K Per month average.
With such a high volume of products, the site was built to navigate a multitude of products within set categories to narrow down product selection. User experience and ease of ordering were essential in the creation of a high performing and well ranking website. 


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