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Project Scope

NuVision is a window films and graphics company in Melbourne. They approached Digital Bravado with a website they wanted optimised for Mobile. NuVision understands the majority of their consumers were coming through their site on Mobile. Digital Bravado were given the task of optimizing the look and functionality of the site for those coming through that platform.

We want to optimise our website for mobile and increase our leads

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Digital Bravado then took over their Google Ads by managing and delivering high performing advertising campaigns. These campaigns achieved a consistent conversion rate of 6% and over.


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With our full digital services, we were able to achieve greater SEO through link acquisition and out reach, content optimisation and performance leading to an increase in the Google index of 280% more traffic within the first 12 months.

This top level management then branched out to managing Social media activities with direct call to action campaigns and content integration delivering audience growth and direct sales.


Our ability to manage multiple digital channels allows us to track conversions and leads with a greater level of precision.

By tracking audiences from multiple avenues, we are able to provide detailed data for future driven campaigns.


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