Digital Bravado Elite

Project Scope

Elite Visual Audio wanted a well designed professional site that was easy to use and navigate online. Although they had a limited budget, they needed to stand out in a competitive market place.

We want to showcase our business across The Gold Goast and Brisbane so we can perform at more events. 

Digital Bravado TV


Digital Bravado presented Elite Audio Visual with a bright and engaging website which was easy to navigate to highlight their services. 

Content creation allowed a comprehensive break down of available services. Customers are able to find available services easier and engaging. 


Digital Bravado Elite-1
Digital Bravado Elite-2
Digital Bravado Elite-4
Digital Bravado Elite-3


With an integration of Google Advertising with the newly created content, Digital Bravado was able to generate high quality leads and sales increased 800% within the first 3 months.


The website continues to be a high functioning information hub where customers can find the services they require across the Gold Coast and Brisbane. 


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