Our Work with Defence Force Recruiting helped them to tackle some of their most complex marketing objectives.

The Task

DFR were looking to develop strategies to overcome Influencer mindsets (influencer’s being parents and family members) who would advise and mentor 18-22 year old potential recruits. The primary misconception was, the skill set learnt in the Defence Force was not transferable into day to day working life.

The Strategy

Digital Bravado created content which located previous Defence Force members who had successfully started their own business, ranging from Landscaping businesses, to Crossfit Gyms. The content was then rolled out across various marketing channels and News worthy outlets in a manner which was informative and delivered directly to the primiary target audience.

The Results and Outcomes

Defence Force Recruiting saw a notable uptake in markets where the content had been published and viewed, at their Defence Force Recruiting touring days.

Uplift in New Recruits

The results saw a notable uplift in recruits at Defence Force Recruiting touring days in markets where the content had been delivered across News and Social channels.

Dispelled Misconceptions

Defence Force Recruiting implemented their own market research and found that this type of content being delivered in News worthy contexts had been capable of presenting positive outcomes from a  career starting in the Defence Force and dispelling previous misconceptions.

Leveraged a New Marketing Channel

Due to the success of this campaign the Defence Force went on to implement content focussed strategies into other aspects of their primary marketing objectives, including Women in Defence.

Achieved Complex Marketing Goals

Implementing this content strategy helped the Defence Force to achieve complex marketing goals that lead to a successful campaign and resulted in a new channel to support the overall marketing strategy of Defence Force Recruiting.

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