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Project Scope

Cooltone is Brisbane’s leader in window tint and graphic prints. They approached Digital Bravado in hopes of minimising their ad spend due to previous low performing months.

We spend a lot on Google Ads but aren’t seeing any spectacular results.

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Within the first few months, Digital Bravado was able to reduce ad spend by 30% whilst increasing total conversions number by 40%, the campaign conversion rate increase from 5.3% to 10.7% within the first 3 months of Digital Bravado managing the account. 

Google Adwords account data below, the adjustment is from May 2017 to November 2017. 



Digital Bravado Screen-Shot-2020-04-14-at-10.41.25-pm
Digital Bravado Screen-Shot-2020-04-14-at-10.36.17-pm


After careful SEO work, Cooltone was able to rank #1 for 10+ of their most valuable keywords, whilst ranking 1-10 for 88 most valuable keywords. This was accomplished by creating and publishing high quality content which ranked organically. 

Digital Bravado now manages all blogs, social media and marketing initiatives across all socials and website to continue producing high quality content. This content continues to generate genuine leads and strengthen SEO and SEM work. 


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