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Project Scope

Calgiene approached Digital Bravado wanting an Ecommerce store with over 500 products and their variations that they were able to sell in the United States. This meant development of the website and Google Advertising is the desired target area and market. 

We want an ecommerce store to allow us to sell into the US market – predominantly southern California

Digital Bravado maintenance


Digital Bravado built a website broken down into comprehensive categories for greater searchability of products. This categorisation allowed for greater SEO and SEM work later to sell in an overseas market. 

A Google Advertising strategy was designed and implemented to advertise the products in a different market. 


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Digital Bravado created a website that was easy to use, incorporated all Calgienes set products, which have been categorised in a manner that is easy to find.

We were able to apply all set products onto the site with the goal of pushing the most lucrative products in set predominant positions on the website.


Implemented the Google Advertising campaign to attain initial traction from the Southern California Market and secure some new additional customers, low spend / high frequency and branding. 

The SEO campaign was also designed to rank for the most lucrative search terms.


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